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The High Performance Seal Division of PTI, specializes in the development and production of Perfluoroelastomer, (KYFLON Family of Compounds) AFLAS®, (Sanifluor Family of Compounds) and Viton® Extreme rubber compounds. Our various Kyflon,™ Sanifluor® and Viton® Extreme materials are used to fabricate O-Rings, Seals and Gaskets that provide outstanding service and reliability in a variety of demanding environments in various industries. Our focus is to produce sealing elements capable of critical long term service in demanding applications.

In general, the guiding principle in selecting an O-Ring or seal, “value in use” should be the primary consideration. O-Rings constructed of standard materials may suffice in a given application process but fail when exposed to higher temperatures or hostile chemical environments. Typically, the higher cost of a properly formulated high performance base polymer such as a perfluoroelastomer, Aflas or Viton Extreme, can be recouped many times over by providing long service life and reliability. Selecting the proper high performance O-Ring can increase the mean time between failure, (MTBF) thereby preventing costly unscheduled down time. Dangerous leakage can also be eliminated by the selection of the optimum O-Ring for the given service conditions.

The following table lists a number of O-Ring compounds that are produced by Process Technologies Inc.
All are available in standard AS 568 O-Ring.

FFKM Kyflon™ 3000 75    High Temperature Capability to 600°F
FFKM Kyflon™ 3001 85    Non-Carbon Black Formulation
FFKM Kyflon™ 3004 PC 80    General Purpose Compound
FFKM Kyflon™ 3050 75    FDA USP Class VI Compliant High Temperature
FFKM Kyflon™ 3055 75    FDA USP Class VI Compliant
FFKM Kyflon™ 3060 75    Good Hot Water & Steam Resistance
FFKM Kyflon™ 3080 80    High Temperature Capability to 600°F
FFKM Kyflon™ 3085 80    General Purpose Coompound to 570°F
FFKM Kyflon™ 3090 90    ED Resistant
FEPM Sanifluor® 1000 80    AFLAS® FDA USP Class VI Compliant
FEPM Sanifluor® 1040 90    AFLAS® General Purpose Compound
FEPM Sanifluor® 9000 90    AFLAS® 90 Durometer ED Resistant
FKM Viton® Extreme 2001 75    Viton® Extreme FDA Compliant
FKM Viton® Extreme 2002 75    Viton® Extreme General Purpose



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